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Robotic Interface Equipment

Automatic Cavity Separation



Auxiliary Products That Maximize Robotic Efficiency

  • Maintain Cavity Separation
  • Automatically Places Parts in Containers
  • Delivers Parts to Convenient Operator Height
  • Diverts Rejects
  • Reduces Required Cycle Time of Part Removal Robot

Bag FillCavity SeparationPlastic Coil Sock Sorter

Container Cavity Separation Conveyor Systems


Robot Guarding

Robot FencingRobot PartitionRobot Guard with Door

Square Steel Tubing or 1 1/2" Square Aluminum Extrusion
Side Panels:
Polycarbonate or Wire Mesh

Features & Options

  • Acceptable for use in a Cleanroom Environment
  • Ability to Mount on Conveyors and other Industrial Machines
  • Custom Doors and Windows
  • Portable or Stationary

Enclosed Vertical Transport PlatformRG1 with SFA and Custom TrayRobot Guard

Robot and Machine Guards are custom made to size requirements and application.

Please call your MAC representative to request a quotation.


Vertical Transport Platforms

Take down platforms, also known as vertical transport platforms were created to receive plastic part or parts/runners from a press mounted IMM robot or a sprue picker, and de-elevate to a more ergonomic level to discharge parts on to another piece of equipment or a work surface. This item is useful when robots or pickers do not have the capability to stroke the required vertical distance or when cycle time is of the essence.

MAC currently offers two standard stroke length models with two different materials of construction. The first is an all steel unit and the second is an extruded aluminum framed unit. Vertical transfer platform with an operating stroke of 60 & 72". Air cylinder features centralized piping, two carriage system and cylinder has adjustable frame mounts and adjustable stops.

NOTE: A safety cage may be required by local safety codes. Cages may be supplied by others or MAC Automation Concepts can quote a safety cage, separate from the standard VTP.

Vertical Transport Platform

Vertical Transport Platform


Vertical Transport Platform Drawing

Vertical Transport Platform Drawing



  • 18" x 18" aluminum tray with delrin surface.
  • Durable 13 gauge steel frame construction (Steel Units) or (1.5" sq. Aluminum).
  • Telescoping frame (Steel Units) or cylinder slides on extrusion (Aluminum units).
  • Stops with mounted shock absorbers.
  • Two-way, toe-locking, swivel casters with 4" diameter polyurethane wheels.
  • Timer relay for discharge dwell.
  • Pneumatic flow controls for smooth operation.
  • Powder coated industrial finish or extruded aluminum frame.
  • Five year entire system warranty.
  • Dry contact standard, other voltage optional.
  • Please confirm signal voltage for activation.
  • Safety interlock.

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