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Part Conditioning

MAC Automation provides several part conditioning options. Conditioning conveyors provide product cooling, static elimination, and HEPA-filtered environments.

Cleanroom Conveyor Fill System

Cleanroom Conveyor Fill System

Beside the Press Cleanrooms

Parts drop directly from the mold on to a totally enclosed positive pressure MAC conveyor and are conveyed in the HEPA enclosure. Once a container is full the operator reaches inside and seals the plastic bag of parts prior to removal.

Water Bath Cooling Systems

Another excellent way to cool parts is a water bath where parts are cooled by submerging them in temperature controlled water tank integrated into the conveyor system.

Water Bath Conditioning Conveyor Unit pictured with Parallel Box Fill System

Water Bath Conditioning Conveyor Unit pictured with Parallel Box Fill System

Stainless steel water bath conveyors cool molded parts whether they float or sink. Included are standard features such as water connections and outlets, water bath conveyors can easily be integrated into almost any production line.

Ambient Air Blower

Cooling Blower

Cooling Unit

Cooling Unit on LF Series Conveyor

Ionizing Blowers for Static Elimination

We offer one of the most popular Ionizing Blowers available, the Simco-Ion Phoenix Static Elimination Blower. The Phoenix Blower is a heavy duty, extended range static eliminating blower, with a built in power supply, making it easier to move and install. The Phoenix is designed to blow a controlled flow of ionized air.

Phoenix Blower

Phoenix Blower

A medium-duty static eliminating blower well suited for applications in injection molding, thermoforming, medical device manufacturing and packaging. The Sentry Static Elimination Blower's power supply is built into the unit for easy installation and compact size.

Sentry Static Elimination Blower

Sentry Static Elimination Blower

Temperature Control

The injection mold machining processes requires a high level of temperature control. We offer air and water cooled chillers, which is energy efficient and requires less space to install.

Cooling Unit

Cooling Unit on SFA Series Conveyor


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