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Airveyor Systems

MAC Automation Concepts, Inc currently offers two different types of air conveyance systems, which safely transport small plastic parts collected in a custom hopper under an IMM (Injection Molding Machine), through flexible or hard wall piping to the desired destination(s), where they are decelerated and presented to any Manual or Automatic Box, Bag or Tote Fill System.

Air Conveyor Hopper


The first is Positive Pressure Conveyor, which uses high pressure ambient air to effectively "blow" the parts and is recommended when compressed air is not consistently available.

The second is Vacuum Pressure Conveyor, which utilizes a line vacuum to create negative pressure used to "pull" the parts and requires compressed air.



These systems are designed specifically for the plastics industry and are typically used in cellular manufacturing applications with a total line run of 30 feet or less. Sizing of systems is directly related to part weight, shape, total distance of the run, etc. In order to provide a specific quote, MAC will require parts for testing, a schematic of the proposed run, detailing, horizontal sections and vertical rises, as well as required or desired radii for turns.


Airveyor System Drawing


Positive Pressure Conveyor (PPC)

This style air conveying system uses a high pressure direct drive blowers. The radial blade wheels come in sizes 8-15/16 to 12-1/2". Motor horse powers and electrical phase vary as follows: 1/3 HP, 1 HP, 3 HP. Voltages range from 115/230 1 phase to 230/460 3 phase on the 3 HP motors. Throttle throat control gates (controlling air-flow) are included and a safety intake grate over blower housing inlet is included. Four primary models are available or consult the factory.

ModelMotor SizeElectricalTubing
PPC01 1/3 Hp 115/230 1 phase 4" or 6"
PPC02 1 Hp 115/230 1 phase 4" or 6"
PPC03 1-1/2 Hp 230/460 3 phase 4" or 6"
PPC04 3 Hp 230/460 3 phase 4" or 6"

Vacuum Pressure Conveyor (VPC)

This style of air conveying utilizes a compressed air line attached to the supplied line vacuum. The line vacuum creates a forward moving air stream. This type of accelerating device can also be used in series to move fairly long distances. There are four different models offered all are constructed in aluminum. Diameters available are: 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3". The diameter required is dependent on the part size and volume moving through the air stream. The line vacuums are rated at 80 PSIG, but we normally find that for most manufacturing cellular distances and parts with good shapes that 40 PSIG is closer to the usable average.

ModelMaterialDiameterSCFM @ 80 PSIGInches of H20Signal Voltage
VPC01 AL or SS 2.0 in 45.0 -28.5 24 VDC signal
VPC02 AL or SS 3.0 in 68.5 -14.7 110 VAC signal
VPC03 AL or SS 4.0 in 80.2 -11.5 Dry Contact
(Normally Open)

Available Option: An air operated solenoid valve is available to turn the compressed air on or shut it off in between molding cycles. This is suggested on machines that use long cycle times.


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