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Mold Side Curtains

Mold Side Curtains provide a means of confining molded parts on multi-cavity molds that have a tendency to fly out the sides, thus reducing the risk of contamination, loss or damage.

MAC Part Containment for IMM


Mold Side Curtain

  1. Custom made to meet your requirements.
  2. Velcro permits easy opening of curtain for quick access to cavities or cores.
  3. Clear vinyl aids in visibility to the molding area.

Mold Side Curtain



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Side Curtains

Standard Sizes
ModelMold OpenLengthSteel Rods
SC01 4" 12" 0
SC02 6" 15" 0
SC03 8" 18" 0
SC04 10" 21" 0
SC05 12" 24" 2
SC06 14" 27" 2
SC07 16" 30" 2
SC08 18" 33" 2
SC09 20" 36" 2
Note: Quantity discounts available. Order must be place under one Purchase Order to receive the discount.


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