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Gaylord Tilter

The Gaylord Tilter is a distributed item MAC Automation Concepts, Inc. private labels for the IMM market place. The tilter is a rugged quality unit manufactured specifically for the injection molding industry. The units are designed as a low profile model, controlled either by a foot pedal or by a hand lever. The tilter is engineered to tilt the Gaylord to a corner as the container is being emptied. Tilting capability is up to a 45 degree angle from horizontal. Gaylords are loaded by fork lift truck or pallet jack. The design begins to tilt once the container has reached approximately 900lbs. All remaining material is directed to a corner effectively completing the product removal.

MAC Gaylord Tilter


The most significant feature of this Floor Tilter is that at rest, the tilt bucket actually drops flat on the floor. This makes for the easiest possible loading and unloading of containers. Entry is possible from two different angles giving even more flexibility in where the unit may be placed.

Gaylord Tilter

Gaylord Tilter Raised

Lifting is smooth and sure with the air bag devise, which is coupled with a pressure regulator and gauge. By adjusting the psi on the air bag to a prescribed setting a constant pressure automatically lifts the container as it becomes lighter which in turn moves the material to the wand setting for complete clean out.


Gaylord Tilter


Floor Level Tilter Specifications

  • Required air supply min. 40 PSIG, do not exceed 100PSIG
  • Control mechanism(s) foot peddle or hand lever 3 positions (forward/neutral/reverse)
  • Capacity: 2000 lbs. At floor level
  • Load height: floor level
  • Base dimensions: 71" x 52"
  • Floor space required: 71" x 80 @ full tilt
  • Container tilts on corner
  • Vacuum wand holder: 3.5" diameter on adjustable extension rod
  • Shipping weight: 450 lbs.
  • FOB: Holland, MI drop shipped.

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