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Over/Under Box Filling Systems

Multi-Level Systems

For Multi-Level Systems - you have either three or four levels added to the stack system. The added conveyors are belt drive types with forward and reversing motor starters. An electric vertical elevator, belt drive, is utilized to sequence to the correct elevation as determined by sensors. Three level systems consist of two belt or power roller conveyors and a single gravity conveyor. The four level systems consist of three belt or power roller and one gravity roller conveyor. Systems can have even more levels. The number of levels required is based upon the necessary number of containers required for a given machine foot print.

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Aluminum MAC-STACK Box/Tote Fill System


MAC-STACK Box Fill System
Auto Fill with Optional Stowaway Conveyor




Conveyor with MAC-STACK


HSS or HSSA - "Horizontal System Steel or Horizontal Stack System Aluminum" - MAC STACK

This type of system provides the most efficient use of space both in the linear direction as well as a usable width dimension. The system size is determined by the size and number of containers required for a certain amount of unattended run times. Systems for cycle count controls consist of an indexing conveyor, a gravity type accumulation conveyor, an equipment sub-frame, a pneumatic
or electric belt elevator type of lift, a control panel and leg supports with an end stop at the end of the gravity conveyor.

Systems by weight scale control also include a powered roller style weigh scale conveyor with a single point load cell with weigh scale controls, which can be positioned either before the elevator or on the elevator, depending on the space requirements. The orientation of the conveyor is normally belt conveyor on bottom and gravity on top, but may be reversed depending upon the application. These systems are usually positioned along either side or the end of the press with an under the press or multiple under the press conveyors feeding the container indexing and loading system. This may also be combined with other conveyors or equipment to create a custom system.


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