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Hard Wall Clean Room Rendering



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Cleanroom Hard Panel Walls

Blank panels are 1/2" gypsum, vinyl covered on both sides with white textured covering. All edges are sealed. If required, special sized will be cut and edges resealed at our factory. No field cuts are necessary.



Cleanroom Hard Panel Drawings



MAC's controlled environment enclosures maximize efficiency of cleanroom molding for a fraction of the cost of a cleanroom facility. They can enable a molder to quickly and inexpensively enter the growing medical market, add to existing cleanroom capacity, or further enhance contamination control by further isolating parts within an existing cleanroom.

Enclosure Cleanroom



Cleanroom Curtains

Curtains are 40 mil clear standard. (2) 12″ overlap openings are included with the base package. Strip entries are available as are sliding track entries. For additional curtain material call for pricing.



Cleanroom Reference Drawings



Cleanroom Reference Drawings


Beside the Press Cleanrooms

Parts drop directly from the mold on to a totally enclosed positive pressure MAC conveyor and are conveyed in the HEPA enclosure. Once a container is full the operator reaches inside and seals the plastic bag of parts prior to removal.

Under the press Cleanroom

Beside the Press Cleanroom



Under Press HEPA Enclosure

Mini Cleanroom

Mini Cleanroom



Cleanroom Pre-Wiring Package Option

The pre-wiring package option includes: Control panel housing the following: Fusing for each filter module, and for each light fixture circuit. Speed controllers for the HEPA filter modules. Filter modules are wired to speed controllers in multiples of (3); i.e. one speed controller operates (3) filter units. It includes a power distribution block for single point connection to field power. Wiring harnesses are provided for components to connect them to the control panel. Harnesses are marked for re-assembly.

HEPA Enclosure Tote Filling System



Cleanroom Filter Modules

Filtration is provided by our Model 421-SP motorized HEPA filter modules. Standard efficiency is 99.99% at 0.3 microns by DOP test. The modules are provided with an 8' power cord and variable speed controller mounted on each unit. If a pre-wiring package is purchased, the speed controllers are located in a control panel attached to the leg. Standard voltage is 120/1/60.



Cleanroom Light Fixtures

Light is provided by our 2' X 4' TAP fixture with F40-T12 medium bi pin lamps. Lamp tubes ARE included and are shipped installed in the fixtures. The lens is standard clear prismatic housed in an extruded aluminum frame. Wiring connection is made through an access cover in the top of the fixture. Standard voltage is 120/1/60.

HEPA Enclosure with Conveyor


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