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Rollers Separators

Roller Separator and Conveyor

Roller Separator pictured with HIA Conveyor



Roller separators consist of slave rollers driven from the under-the-press conveyor. Slave rollers are chain driven and are designed for independent gap adjustment. Rollers are mounted in a formed steel frame, mounted on a "T-base" support stand, support stand has adjustment from 18-30″ top of roller. The gear-motor is a fixed speed direct drive unit, 110/60/1 with power cord, manual motor starter and grounded plug.


Roller Separator


Adjust rollers so smaller pieces drop through but larger pieces do not. Smaller pieces drop through rollers into conveyor or box underneath separator. While larger pieces slide down the trough and drop off the end of separator into another box or conveyor.


Roller Separator and Conveyor
  • Diameter of Rollers and Spacing is Can Be Customized to Fit Specific Part / Runner Applications
  • CTC Leg Assembly Connects Separator and Under Press Conveyor on the Same Frame
  • 1/2″ gap adjustment 3/4″ to 1/4″ gap between rollers
  • Two way locking swivel casters

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