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Container Dumper

The PowerMaxx Container Discharger is a safe and effective means for transferring material from a wide variety of container shapes and sizes into storage vessels and process equipment. The PowerMaxx is designed to receive containers at floor level and invert them to a 45° discharge angle or 135° total rotation. Manual labor savings and operating cost reductions are the results of implementing a PowerMaxx Container Discharger in your operation.

Container DumperContainer Dumper


Capacity and Dimensions:


Maximum capacity of 2,500 pounds with a discharge height of 48″ at a final rotation of 135°. The footprint of the system is 65″ wide x 58″ deep and has an overall swing arc height of 121″. These dimensions specified are for reference only; the actual dimensions will be confirmed on the equipment approval drawings.

Box Dumper Drawing




Constructed of formed 7ga steel with structural steel cross members. The main framework includes mounting holes for anchoring purposes. The pivot includes (2) maintenance friendly 4-bolt flange bearings on the main shaft.



Load Design:


The container is manually loaded, using a forklift or pallet jack, into the chute that is 50″ wide x 42″ deep and is held in place during the rotation cycle by an adjustable retainer bar. The retainer is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel pipe and is adjustable from 39 1/2″ to 49 1/2″ to accommodate a variety of container heights.





The PowerMaxx features a carbon steel discharge chute, designed to integrate with the inlet of a receiving hopper or other process equipment. The fixed chute transitions to a 38″ wide opening and is designed to minimize any area that may trap material during the discharge cycle.



Welding and Finish Specifications:


The unit is constructed of welded carbon steel that is ground to remove irregularities. It is sandblasted or solvent cleaned, and painted with Dark Metallic Gray.



Hydraulic System:


Two 3″ bore hydraulic cylinders are used to rotate the chute. The cylinders include high tensile fiber glide bushings on the upper clevis. This will increase the cylinders useful life. A 1.5 horsepower TEFC motor powers the 1.9 gpm hydraulic power unit. The hydraulic unit operates at 1200 psi and has a safety fuse to prevent unintended movement of the chute in the unlikely case of a hydraulic malfunction.

The power unit is mounted to the main framework of the discharger and is protected by a bolt-on back cover. It will provide cycle times of approx. 45 seconds to raise, and 40 seconds to lower and is designed for up to 7 complete discharge cycles per hour (please consult if a faster pump is required or if additional cycles per hour are needed).



Electrical System:


Either 115V/1ph/60Hz. Manual (dead-man) controls are provided. The operator must manually press and hold the raise/lower selector switch. The equipment will stop, and hold, in any position when the switch is released. All devices are Nema rated (with exception of the IEC rated motor starter and overload) Allen-Bradley components. All electrical sensors and devices are wired to a common Nema 12 enclosure and terminate on terminal blocks. All motor starters and sensors are included for normal operation.


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