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Mold Part Chutes

Detachable chutes are specifically designed to transfer molded parts by gravity from under the machine to a conveyor or container. A stainless steel tray with a soft cushion insert is included and decreases part damage and bounce.

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Mold Part Chute


Mold Guideskirts

Ideal for guiding large parts or runners from the mold to a receiving source directly below the mold. Multiple units can be used to guide parts and runners to desired locations.

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Mold Part Chute


Mold Side Curtains

Mold Side Curtains provide a means of confining molded parts on multi-cavity molds that have a tendency to fly out the sides, thus reducing the risk of contamination, loss or damage.

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mold side curtain


Tie Bar Covers

Inexpensive method to reduce contamination of molded parts while extending the life of tie bars and bushings. Features zipper, Velcro, and magnetic mounting kit for quick and easy installation. Prevents molded parts from contacting tie bar grease.

Tie Bar Cover


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