Heavy Duty Conveyor
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Heavy Duty Conveyor Rendering

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The "Heavy Duty" belt conveyor is a profile that is used for heavy weight finished part applications. Additionally this conveyor series is used for assembly, inspection, and case conveying. The fully welded construction of this model produces a solid square frame for most industrial uses.


Exclusive Features:

Formed C-channel steel frame with welded cross members.
Support bearings and pulleys featuring a unique design for easy service and belt tracking adjustments
Side Rail Overlap:
Recessed belt edges - .335"; per side, provide tight belt to rail tolerance
Feature a machined trapezoidal crown on head and tail, which provides an increased tracking signal.
Four bolt flange bearings with external grease fittings
Motor Starter:
Includes manual push button motor starter with thermal overload
Hole Pattern:
Pre-punched pattern on bottom of frame for repositioning leg supports along the frame length
Five year limited
Heavy Duty Conveyor Reference Dimensions


Technical Specifications:

  • Frame: 4.25" height, 12 gauge welded C channel steel frame fabricated with welded steel tubular cross members and full steel slider bed for support.
  • Side Rails: 2.5" extruded aluminum side rails with top return, overlap is .35" per side.
  • Belt Widths: 6", 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48" (standard)
  • Length: 4' to 50' on 1' increments (standard).
  • Side Mount End Drive: Located at any one of the four corners, dependent upon length and application. Positions M7,M8, are preferred, M5,M6 are available if applicable. Standard drives are 120VAC/1/60 HZ motors, other voltages and phases available-consult factory.
  • Speeds: 30 FPM (standard), 45, 60, 80 FPM are available at a nominal charge.
  • Pulley: 4" diameter drive and tail pulleys are both machined with trapezoidal crowns, shafts are 1" diameter bearings are 4 bolt flange type, self-aligning, with grease fittings for ease of service.
  • Take-up Assembly: Allows for 4 inches of take-up of belt adjustment.
  • Electrical Control: NEMA 1 enclosure with push button manual motor starter with thermal overload protection and 12' of SJ 16/3 cord with plug for 120VAC input power as standard.
  • Supports: Various telescoping legs, steel constructed with adjustable heights available.
  • Paint: Powder coated industrial finish (other colors available as options)


Common Options:

Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor

Casters: Two-way, toe locking swivel casters with 5" diameter polyurethane wheels.

Variable speed drives: AC and DC type variable speed drive packages for different input voltages.

Belts: Wide selection of various belt materials and surface textures.

Reversing Packages: Automatic processing reversing control packages.

Indexing Packages: Automatic belt indexing packages.

Side Rails:Alternative side rail height and materials.

Covers for Top of Conveyors: Polycarbonate & stainless steel covers.

Covers for Bottom of Conveyors: Bottom covers - painted steel and stainless steel.

Conditioning Units: Ambient air blowers and chilled water fed cooling blowers cooling blowers


Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor
HD Series Belt Conveyor


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