Parallel Box Filling
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The second most economical type of system found on the market. The system size is determined by the size and number of containers required for a certain amount of unattended run time.

Systems for cycle count controls consist of an indexing conveyor, a gravity type accumulation conveyor, an equipment sub-frame, a pneumatic sweep arm, a control panel and leg supports with an end stop at end of gravity conveyor.

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Parallel Box System Steel or Parallel Box System Aluminum

  • Net weight, weight count or cycle count
  • Custom sizes and options available
  • Standard MAC powder coated finish

Systems by weight scale control also include a powered roller style weigh scale conveyor with single point load cell with weigh scale controls. These systems are usually positioned along either side of the press with an under the press or multiple under the press conveyors feeding the container indexing and loading system. This may also be combined with other conveyors or equipment to create a custom system.

Parallel Box Fill System



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