Stackable Bins

Stackable Bins

Conserve Floor Space Select models can be stacked up to 3 high!

The MAC Resin Bin has been designed for ease of use, simple but rugged construction providing features that one just doesn't find on bulk containers of similar price. These containers are designed for use with either virgin or regrind materials, colorants or other uses. Typically used for short runs.

MAC Automation specially designed our resin bins and had them manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene for toughness, durability, easy cleaning and visibility of contents. Our Resin Bins are ideal for storage and transfer of material from grinder bins, bags, Gaylord, drums, and evacuation systems.

Note: For Resin Bins Larger than RB75 please provide your freight carrier information when ordering.

Model RB75L Resin Bin
Capacity 81 Lbs. (based on styrene)
Model RB150L Resin Bin
Capacity 158 Lbs. (based on styrene)
Model RB350L Resin Bin
Capacity 368 Lbs. (based on styrene)

Ideal for Storage & Transfer of Material

MAC Resin Bins can be customized in many ways. We can add vacuum components to the top or bottom, add convenient lid holders to the side, and we also offer several soft good accessories.

Self-emptying resin bins are designed for use with vacuum loading systems using pickup wands. The vacuum wand is inserted into a tube on the bin. This tube is angled and directed to the lowest point in the bin where resin can be picked up by the wand. Unit comes with a lid, full swivel casters, and most are stackable up to three high EXCLUDING Models: RB800C & RB1200C.