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Material Handling Equipment

Drum Covers

Drum Dust Filter Cover

Our drum covers fit 22" & 24" diameter drums. The access port accepts a 2" to 2.5" diameter vacuum wand. The port features an elastic band for a tight seal and a zipper to close the opening when not in use. It includes a tie cord to insure a snug fit and clear vinyl window for quick visual level check.

Gaylord Covers

Gaylord Dust Filter Cover

The single port (positive pressure) cover has a center port and a belt with a buckle to more securely hold the cover in place around the skirt. The port size is specified by the customer within a range of 2" to 20" diameter. This cover is designed to reduce the mess associated with pneumatic loading of material into a Gaylord. Specify diameter of port when ordering.

Resin Bins

Resin Bin Model RB350L

The MAC Resin Surge Bin has been designed for ease of use, simple but rugged construction providing features that one just doesn't find on bulk containers of similar price. These containers are designed for use with either virgin or regrind materials, colorants or other uses. Typically used for short runs.

Gaylord Tilters

Gaylord Tilter Raised

The most significant feature of this Floor Tilter is that at rest, the tilt bucket actually drops flat on the floor. This makes for the easiest possible loading and unloading of containers. Entry is possible from two different angles giving even more flexibility in where the unit may be placed.

Container Dumper

Container Dumper

The PowerMaxx Container Discharger is a safe and effective means for transferring material from a wide variety of container shapes and sizes into storage vessels and process equipment. The PowerMaxx is designed to receive containers at floor level and invert them to a 45° discharge angle or 135° total rotation. Manual labor savings and operating cost reductions are the results of implementing a PowerMaxx Container Discharger in your operation.